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Shared Mail : Return of Jedy: new feature of Domino 8.5

Vladislavs Tatarincevs  16 July 2008 01:04:32
just read interesting topic on Domino 8.5 new feature which will brings new life to Shared Mail feature...

Things that are described in this technote looks very promising, I hope that it will work stable, and this database won't be crypted like Shared Mail database.

IBM Lotus Domino going green: The new Lotus Domino attachment and object service


1Nelson Morris  16.07.2008 12:33:55  Shared Mail : Return of Jedy: new feature of Domino 8.5

DAOS might sound like shared mail, but it is completely different code.

2Vladislavs Tatarincevs  16.07.2008 19:11:42  Shared Mail : Return of Jedy: new feature of Domino 8.5

Thanks, Of course it is different, but Shared Mail is something we all know how it works, it is hard to tell every one that "DOAS in 8.5 Rocks", because nobody knows what is DOAS,

We know how Shared mail works - one object and databases that should contain this object has a pointer to this attachment.

DOAS is different, but pointer idea still remains.

I think that it is correct, that to introduce new things, we operate with things that people are familiar with.

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