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    Lotus Domino 7.0.4 FP1 available, Fix list here.

    Vladislavs Tatarincevs  25 August 2009 19:36:34


    Some time ago, IBM published 7.0.4 FP1.
    List of fixed things can be found here.

    All customers are recommended to upgrade to 7.0.4 FP1.




    • SPR #CTSI7PNPGT - Java applets shipping in Domino are signed with a certificate that expired in May 2009. Applets were time stamped in 7.0.4 which suppressed the warning in browsers running JVM 1.5 and above. This fix also adds signing with the new certifcates expiring May 2012 which will help browsers running pre-JVM 1.5.
    • SPR# MJBG6QTT9T - Non-Windows platform servers can sometimes crash during a busytime lookup in Obj_TrailingMemSize due to a missing NULL. (Technote # 12...)
    • SPR# JFBM7C6GA4 - Bug in Router TTL (time to live) timing causing delivery failures due to unable to reach remote server (Technote # 13...)
    • SPR# STAA6LYBKJ - Router hang on CD-MIME conversion
    • +SPR# TPON7GCJYN - Fix a problem which could cause attachments on a MIME message, created on a Mac and converted to Notes Rich text by the router during delivery, to contain 0 bytes. (Technote # 13...)
    • SPR# JPIU7LZV7C - Crash during Transaction Recovery when Domino runs out of memory (Technote # 13...)
    • SPR# DSAN69EPSF - You receive the error "Folder is larger than supported" in Lotus Notes under a number of circumstances. The task being performed when the error occurs may complete successfully, however, there are also times when it may fail such as server to server replication. (Technote # 11...)
    • SPR# JPIU7QHQ3M - Server can crash on various tasks while processing messages with an inline image. (Technote # 13...)
    • SPR# VPRS75WU62 - Server crashes with the following Panic on different tasks but with the same call stacks: PANIC: OSAddressInVARRAY: VARRAY element index is too large (33027 > 33026)
    • SPR# MSER7JYKZA - Server crash which can occur under certain circumstances while updating a view in CheckForExtraColumnDataItems... PANIC: LookupHandle: null handle (Technote # 13...)
    • +SPR# VDES7RDENQ - Adminp may crash if there are errors found in the processing of certain roaming user requests. (Technote # 13...)
    • +SPR# DSAS7QS2XA - Unable to search words in document title in Domino using search site database.
    • +SPR# TSOE7RMLSZ - Server shutdown delays for minutes.
    • SPR# MKIN7SWP2L - Crash on Quickr server when redirected to "/quickplace" (Technote # 13...)
    • SPR# LCDL7QJA99 - Offline plugin can't be downloaded because of signing could not be verified on Linux client(Technote # 13...)


    • SPR# JGIR7FARPW - Fix http crash on Solaris and iSeries.
      The crash occurs when meeting with multiple rooms reservation exist and the detailed information of the meeting is displayed on the free time search. (Technote # 13...)


    • SPR# RCOR7K3MBD - Domino AIX: Fixes an issue where the use_dbx_only option is ignored.

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