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Customizing Mail Setting/policy document to push custom values, for example push date format in iNotes

Vladislav Tatarincev  2 July 2014 10:18:39
One of our customers has asked to modify iNotes date format from american to european from mm.dd.yyyy to dd.mm.yyyy.
After small research I found that only way is to do it manually. it is not ok if you have several thousands users :)

In Lotus forum I found valuable information http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/nd85forum.nsf/4b9931b774db788c85256bf0006b5e6d/5f71c192dbafd6168525764200048b5d?OpenDocument
Thanks Pataree Ngamwongwan for sharing this info.

MailPolicy document contains $PolicyProfiles document that has value "$DWA:inotesprofile":"$DOLS:dolsofflineconfiguration" which mean that all fields that starts with $DWA will be pushed by policy to iNotesProfile document.

so all you need to do is open Mail Setting document in designer and add two fields. one is $DWADateFormat and $DWADateFormat$UP.  first will contain value of dateformat, and second $UP is responsible how this setting is applied. So far I was able to get it working for newly create mailfiles.

My colleague found technote by IBM Support, that helps to fix existing mailfiles.
How to change the date format of all users to dd/mm/yyyy in Domino Web Access preferences

As you understand you can add more fields to be pushed, or even other profile documents or custom profile documents.

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