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Do you know that Honda is a Japanese brand? :D

Vladislavs Tatarincevs  27 July 2009 12:46:34
I have a Ducati Monster bike, which I ride in my every day life, one more bike I have is a HONDA CB400 with which I have started my moto life :)
have not sell it yet.  Today, I called local Honda Moto office, and asked them to fix some things, in bike before I sell it .

They told me that "You have a Japanese bike, we can't serve it". This make me wonder "wow, Honda is a Japanese brand" :D:D:D
Every time I call them, they send me away, like we don't want you money, get off, forget about us. :D

I understand there are american/japanese and european models, but if service is client oriented, they should order details from Japan, or so, but not to send customer away.

Image:Do you know that Honda is a Japanese brand? :D

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