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Domino server best disk configuration [Performance Tip]

Vladislavs Tatarincevs  7 May 2008 10:29:20
When Domino is moved to a new hardware, admin need to decide what hardware configuration is most optimal for Domino. (lets discuss situation your server will be serving less than 1000 users).
Very important thing is correct RAID level.

My suggestion is to buy a server with at least 6 disks, where 2 disks a mirrored in RAID 1, on this disk you should put OS, SWAP and Lotus Domino executables.
Second disk is designed for DATABASES. (depending on amount of data you have), it could be RAID 1, RAID 5, or RAID 10.

It is very important to plan a separate mirror for Transactional Log files. These files if properly configured will boost performance of your server, and in case of crash server recovery time will be some minutes, not hours. (for example 5.x server with 300GB of data will finish fixup of all databases after 8-10 hours).   If you have transactional Logging,all databases will be available after 3-5 minutes.

Image:Domino server best disk configuration [Performance Tip]

It is very important that you don't put nothing on this disk , except Transactional Logging files.

Domino writes them SEQUENTIALLY.

The idea of transactional Logging is rather simple.

When user requests to write data to database, this data is written to Transactional Log files, and when server is not so busy, it FLUSHES data to databases.

don't forget to set RUNTIME/RESTART performance option to FAVOR RUNTIME.

Image:Domino server best disk configuration [Performance Tip]
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