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    How to translate Lotus Notes email, on the fly

    Vladislavs Tatarincevs  10 August 2009 14:13:42
    Last weekend I was looking for replacement parts for my Ducati bike. I have found them in Germany, as in local stores prices were too high.

    I received some mails from Germany, but they were in German, and this is logical. Unfortunately, I don't know yet German, and I used Google Translation to understand some details, that were mentioned in mails.
    and I thought, is it possible to make that we can translate text on the fly.

    I have created a smartIcon, which will do the work.

    Text:[email protected]( [Abbrev]:[TrimWhite]; 10000; "" ; "Body");
    @UrlOpen( "http://translate.google.com/translate_t#auto|ru|"+text+"")
    Image:How to translate Lotus Notes email, on the fly

    There is a Target Language defined in URL translatate_t#Auto|ru|

    the first Auto should stay there, it means google will automatically will try to detect language,
    ru - means select destination language to which you want to translate.
    so pick your own, de-Germany, fr-France, or it - Italy, where best bikes are designed :))))))

    This is alfa version of my translation, it would be nice to trim some HTML, and just make a dump of body and only then pass it to Google.

    But this small snippet works :)))

    Once again, this was possible because of the open Lotus Notes architecture, were we can easily add new things to Client and template.


    1Ingo Spichal  10.08.2009 16:15:23  How to translate Lotus Notes email, on the fly

    Nice idea. But the transmitted text is limited due to restrictions in the length of the URL. I think, it is a problem of the Notes client (tested with 6.5.6), because Firefox should handle large URL.

    2Stepan Karandin  11.08.2009 15:02:16  How to translate Lotus Notes email, on the fly

    There is difference between POST and GET requests =)

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