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    IBM Domino 901FP8 availability

    Vladislav Tatarincev  7 March 2017 16:26:07
    My RSS reader shows a lot of fixed delivered and tested by IBM. it seems that 901FP8 will be posted later this week or next week.
    You can track progress of FP8 availability here

    There are very demanded fixed included in FP8 like

    LDAP special characted authentication issue
    It seems IBM will have updated Domino Directory design with new holidays, reported by Chris Miller and others
    New Traveler settings
    some fixed security policy fields and
    Improved  Mail Template

    It would be logical if Verse On Premise views are included, and no manual work is needed :)

    Daniel Nashed has blogged before about Highliths of FP8, please find document here

    It seems that iBM is uploading FP8 now to FixCentral, some components are already available... like mail template and Domino Directory and some Clients FP8
    Image:IBM Domino 901FP8 availability

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