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Invalid NSF Version, when using LotusScript RegisterNewUser on Mixed 8.5/9.x or CA touched by 9.x client

Vladislav Tatarincev  15 January 2016 09:59:03
We have one environment where Administrators use small IBM Lotus Notes application, to administer users, Create, Rename, Reset passwords, etc.
It was working fine for few years now, but all of a sudden, application stopped working. Error returned to request submitted by user is "INVALID NSF Version". Script fails on RegisterNewUser method.

Checking ODS of Certlog.nsf, names.nsf, log.nsf and MailTemplate has not resolved this.

At the end, my colleague has found that issue was related to CA task was touched (Modify Certified in Administrator) by Notes 9.0.1 client.
Issue was resolved by resaving ICL db (Modify Certifier) with 8.5 Client.

Since this issue took us some time, and also mentioned in Internet without solution, has decided to blog about it. Uncle Google will help to index it :)
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