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Lotus Domino server administration from a mobile phone (part 2) (Download available)

Vladislavs Tatarincevs  25 June 2008 18:02:31
Hello, every one.
Here are screen-shots from tools which I plan to finish and  this software is available for download.  
Why I had a need for this tool?
I am a Domino technical expert and provide technical support for many customers, I have monitoring solution in my office,
but I am not always in office. For example, If I just upgraded a server, I need to bring my notebook with me all the time, so I can connect to customers network/servers.
Or when customer calls me, I don' t have a notebook with me... but I have a phone always with me.
So features that this tool provides:
1. OS Statistics.
2. Domino version
3. Pending mail
4. Dead Mail
5. Hold Mail
6. SMTP tasks status
7. Router task status
8. Active user count
9. Shortcut for SHOW USERs command
10. Shortcut for SHOW Server command
11. Shortcut for SHOW Server command
12. Restart Router command shortcut
13. List of other Domino servers
14. Domino console (you can issue Domino commands here)
15. You can Browse Domino directory and View ACLs of databases(only to which you have access).
16. Show latest SMTP, SERVER, ROUTER errors.
17. Shows DiskSpace
18. Uptime, server start time.
And the final THIS TOOLS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Written by Lotus Administrator for Lotus Administrators.   May Be Lotus can Include this as an option in Domino 6.x/7.x/8.x?

Domino versions:

It works fine on 6.x, 7.x, 8.x servers, I assume will not work on 5.x, and 4.x.
Known limitations:

You cannot issue EXIT, RESTART Commands in Domino console page. All other works  fine. I plan to remove this limitation.
At the present moment the is a limitation, hardcoded filename, please place this DB in a root, under web.nsf filename.
I plan to fix it, but before I was focused on other issues.

Copy to server, recheck ACL (DEFAULT-NO ACCESS, LocalDomainAdmins MANAGER), Sign DB with server ID.
open in a browser http://YourServer.Host/web.nsf

Next versions

You may also support a development team with PayPal Donations, if you like this software.

If you signed a database it should look like this:
Image:Lotus Domino server administration from a mobile phone (part 2) (Download available)Image:Lotus Domino server administration from a mobile phone (part 2) (Download available)



1Vlad Tatarincev  29.06.2008 14:23:03  Lotus Domino server administration from a mobile phone (part 2) (Download available)

According to statistics for this week, more than 200 people saw this page and downloaded this product, It would be nice if I had some feedback, what to improve. Feel free to contact me be email.



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