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Lotus EasySyncPro 4.2.6 released

Vladislavs Tatarincevs  13 June 2008 17:35:58

Couple weeks ago Lotus Announced a new version of Lotus EasySyncPro,

An announcement can be found here.

I thought this product will be substituted by Traveler (one "L")  :), but I was realy surprised when would that Lotus added Nokia Symbian phone support.
Nokia phones are VERY popular in Europe, but this the original Nokia PCSuite you can sync you phone with Nokia (calendar, notes, toDo).
I don't get Lotus point why waste time, why people should by a commercial product, if you can do it with original Lotus Software.

They better focus, on adding support of Nokia Phone in Traveler.

But if you are Windows Mobile user, or Palm user, use may need this software to sync you mail, calendar, toDo.

User intefrace is improved, look more Lotus Notes 7.x/8.x style, according to IBM many bugs are fixed in this release.



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