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Monitoring Domino Applications, Agents and inferfaces right way (Do it right)

Vladislav Tatarincev  3 July 2023 15:00:03
We all know that Domino applications run company business.
Our solution
https://www.cyone.eu/CYMON  can monitor Domino platform (Domino servers, performance, security, Traveler, HTTP and many more).

Out of the box
our solution can also monitor Domino applications, agents, interfaces.
In this short webinar we describe how to create a common view on health of important Domino applications.

Monitoring applications and servers with professional software, saves a lot of time for admins and developers. As well it makes apps more trusted and more available to business users. No need to jump over hundreds of Log files to check if it is ok.

Webinar is short, only 30 min, but I am sure it will help to build solid and trusted monitoring not only Domino but also Applications. There is also FREE version of Monitoring for Mail servers.

Monitoring HCL Domino Applications

Click here to watch Webinar recording:  
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