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    Perfect Domino: DBMT Tips on MailFiles with Custom Templates and Traveler

    Vladislav Tatarincev  12 June 2018 14:24:53
    Few years ago we started to design monitoring solution, that keeps an eye on Domino. We realized that many customers monitor only Port UP/DOWN.
    We gathered many hundreds of statistics and values that need to be monitored. Today it helped to filter DBMT issues customer had every night.

    If you check SHOW STAT DBMT.*, you may find some Unsuccessful >0. in majority of cases this is because file is busy and Domino cant drop it.
    For example if you have Traveler installed, you will never drop LotusTraveler.nsf by running DBMT, because Traveler task needs it. So you have to do this separately.

    If you want to monitor DBMT.Unsuccessful  it is good idea to use notes.ini DBMT_COMPACT_FILTER=LotusTraveler.nsf.
    as well, figured out that Crash.nsf where Domino stores all NSF files is always opened and not dropped, so it is wise to include this file as well. DBMT_COMPACT_FILTER=LotusTraveler.nsf,crash.nsf

    Since many customers use custom MailTemplates, check DBMT documentation, that says by default only databases that inherit design from StdR8Mail, StdR85Mail, StdR9Mail will be processed.
    If you want all your user $Inbox $Sent, $All to be up to date in the morning, dont forget to implement another notes.ini DBMT_MAILTemplate=StdR9MailCYONE,StdR9Custom

    Check out this link for DBMT presentation from IBM Support https://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg27046303&aid=1
    Image:Perfect Domino: DBMT Tips on MailFiles with Custom Templates and Traveler

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