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Questions I ask when I do Lotus Domino project

Vladislavs Tatarincevs  6 May 2008 19:28:47

When I started to deal with Domino projects, I had differents outcomes,
I analyzed that what the reason that some projects where very well done, and some not as well as I wish?

Lack of information about customer invironment can make some surprises. for example some of them use Connection documents, and it is impossible to move it to other IP address, or
the are running SQL server and Microsoft IIS server on the same server as Domino.

I created one checklist, so I hope it will be valuable for other people also:

  1. Domino server count.
  2. Does customer plans to reduce number of servers (server consolidation)
  3. Does customer plans to move to a new hardware
  4. Is this is a clustered environment
  5. How many licences customer has, does he has a valid IBM licence Subscription, and till what date these licences are valid (many clients start projects without licences)
  6. number of processors on a new server
  7. If customer plans a new hardware, is this hardware installed?
  8. OS of the existing server, Service Packs
  9. Does customer use local DNS
  10. Does Lotus Notes clients use Connection Documents to find a server?
  11. Number of Lotus Notes clients
  12. Lotus Notes versions of clients (5.x, 6.x, 7.x)
  13. is Domino Web Access (iNotes) used?
  14. Are there alternative mail clients  (Outlook, etc)
  15. Are there problems with performance
  16. Is Domino HTTP is used
  17. Is something else is working on server except Domino (SQL, file server, etc)
  18. How Domino server is backed up  (name of backup soft)
  19. How and how often server is backed up
  20. copy of Domino server notes.ini
  21. Does customer use Transactional Logs?
  22. Is there ID Recovery  for Lotus Notes ID files?
  23. Ask customer to draw mail routing topology
  24. How Domino receives a mail (directly or from firewall or antiviruss)
  25. If there is an antiviruss, name of the product. will it work on new OS, new OS version of Domino, is there a support for it.
  26. Is there 3rt party databases, that is non IBM databases/applications.
  27. How many 3rd party databases client has
  28. are these databases compatible with new version of Domino (if customer is doing a migration)

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