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Sametime 8.5 FixPack 1 available in IBM Fix Central

Vladislav Tatarincev  5 April 2010 16:36:46
Many customers, experiencienced problems with Sametime 8.5, see Dennis Ruddigkeit post
Just noticed FP1 is available for Sametime 8.5 in IBM Fix Central.
Desciption of FP1 is here

it seems to solve my problem also with Sametime and SSO. (YES!!!!)

here is a list of fixes.
Fix List
The list below identifies the fixes contained in this Sametime Connect 8.5.0 CF1 package:
RINM7YKEME: Various client crashes and hangs
IPOA7YKPFJ: Memory usage for Sametime grows more than 1 Gb when Appsharing and recording at the same time
CREH7ZPKEJ: Business card photos stop showing up after adding person to Primary Contacts
LLWU7WM5K7: Some users' remote video dithering during a user's video call when switching frequently.
BOSH7XQSVX: Black remote participant canvas until enough movement to force keyframe
JLII7XS2SG: Primary buddiess and tabbed chat, when photos are from Profiles server, users will see different pictures
DWHD7YTRAJ: Apply changes made in Sameitme 8.0.2 embedded, Notes 8.5.1 SPR JLII7XS2SG, to Sametime 8.5
SJSH7V58QR: 2-way call, long distinct LDAP name shown in call if caller is not in the contact list
JJHE7ZX8EM: Failed to create community if using token login
BOSH7YFJTD: Handle/thread leak in Samteime 8.5 embedded AV causes Notes instability
SYWU7ZH3ZD: No business card and status in Chat Room History window
CHYD82B4GR: Exception thrown in client logs when going out of chat room
KHKG7XWMCG: personfolders.xml corrupted after upgrade from Sametime 8.0.2 to Sametime 8.5
JSIU82KNJL: N-way chat transcripts are throwing an error with non-VP RTC implementations
JJZO8263V7: UUID error occurs when install Sametime 8.5 Add on on Notes 8.5.1
SYWU7ZH3ZD: No business card and status in Chat Room History window
WBLU7ZTCA2: No awareness on any Advanced embedded browser pages launched from Sametime 8.5 standalone client
CREH7YUMJJ: Chat Browser Xulrunner 1.9 setCookie API change requires Sametime code change
CREH838TPZ: Chat window does not reopen to previous proportions in tabbed chat mode
CSMH7X8QHE: Sametime, Names are looked up every time the client is loaded
HDAN82WQ4Q: high load on domino server caused by auto status change calendar lookups
TMLD83K2J9: Sametime Embedded - 'Missing Single sign on token' after upgrade
MCRN7ZGN5U: Call UI - Lots of grey area in call window for conf call
DGXO83PDS8: Notes 851 cannot be launched after applying several patches
MWXU83T87D: User will get double message send by partner during chat
JPAS83XNRD: Sametime 8.5 SDK method different than Sametime 8.0.2, new Object in the WatchList issue
JPAS83XPF4: Instant meeting moderator sees video thumbnail, participants only see 'waiting on moderator'
ZMUD83GLFS: Chat window does not reopen to previous proportions in tabbed chat mode
KABS7ZLELM: Text input direction for Hebrew in embedded Sametime 8.5
JJZO83PAEY: Sametime 8.5 hot fix, crash when start video then mute to switch speaker.
DGXO83T9GZ: Notes cannot be launched after applying new Addon Fix on an older Addon Fix
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