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    some background info on "Domino data can be deleted during server shutdown on UNIX and Linux platforms" SPR

    Vladislav Tatarincev  8 June 2011 13:53:41
    I opened PMR in IBM about this problem, and asked to put more background info about this PMR.
    Now we have several workarounds for this problem. https://www-304.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21500850

    Perform any of the following options to avoid unexpected file deletion:

        Option 1) Set a temporary directory in an environment variable
        Specify a Domino temporary directory path by setting the TEMP or TMP environment value. For example, export TEMP=/tmp/domino. If you use a shell file to start/stop Domino, include this command in your startup script.
        Option 2) Set a temporary directory in a notes.ini variable
        Specify the Domino temporary file path by setting a Notes_TempDir=/tmp/domino value in your Domino server's notes.ini file. The /tmp/domino directory should exist and have proper rights to be accessed.
        Option 3) Delete the ~notetmp.reg file
        If the ~notetmp.reg file has been created and exists in your Domino data directory, delete this file before shutting down your server.

            Delete the ~notetmp.reg file, NOT the ~notetp2.reg file
            If ~notetmp.reg does not exist yet, use options 1 or 2
            These files are in binary format and cannot be read in any text editor
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