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steps to upgrade 7.x to Domino 8.x

Vladislavs Tatarincevs  12 June 2008 13:56:28
IBM has posted a technote what you need to do to upgrade your server from release 6.x/7.x to Domino 8.x

Steps for migrating from Notes/Domino 7.x to Notes/Domino 8.x

I wonder why new notes.ini parameter Create_R8_databases=1 not mentioned there, because if you don't have this in your ini file, you won't be able to upgrade ODS from 43 to 48 format, and take benefit from new ODS structure.

As well if you are planing upgrade read
Unexpected Desktop Policy settings pushed to clients after upgrade to Domino 8

and implement this hotfix, because all environment that where upgraded to  Domino 8 faced this issues (for example we got this several month after an upgrade).

as well, hope that Andy's Blog will be usefull to get some info about upgrade...