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User’s Workspace management tools

Vladislavs Tatarincevs  22 June 2008 18:33:11
ILUG was a fantastic event, during these 3 days, I was able to see a lot of interesting thing, Guinness brewery is one of them... :)
on of ILUG sponsors BCC, presented a cool stuff, Users desktop management tool.

Thanks to all ILUG sponsors for support of ILUG.

Lets get back to BCC Client Genie.
You can add Icons to users desktop, remove them. When you place new item, you can specify that you want it to appear on a first TAB row 3, column 4. :) great.
According to a poll many users 75% still prefer Workspace to Bookmarks. (less than 25%).

So for big companies it would be a nice tool. here is a link to BCC Client Genie  http://www.bcc.biz/HP/bcc_hp.nsf/id/EN_BCC_ClientGenie

If you have no budget for this, or you are just doing a migration to new server you can go thought with IBM developed free tool.

DSKTOOL.EXE Utility - Updates Notes desktop icons for user after recertification

It would be nice if IBM can open an API or structure of users desktop.dsk file, so people can manage users workspaces centrally, not manually.
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