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    IBM Domino 10.0.1 and Notes 10.0.1 is in Gold Candidate status, estimated Q4 2018

    Vladislav Tatarincev  27 November 2018 12:15:25
    IBM Domino/Notes  10.0.1 are in Gold Candidate status. I think we are few weeks away from Web Posting state and availability.

    A lot of cool things will be available in 10.0.1, AutoUpdate of clients, built on Google AutoUpdate engine, as well I am looking forward new search engine that will be enabled by default Apache Tika. Search is one of great improvements of Notes 10.

    See 10.0.1 Status update here:$First?OpenDocument
    Image:IBM Domino 10.0.1 and Notes 10.0.1 is in Gold Candidate status, estimated Q4 2018

      IBM Notes hangs after upgrade of OS X to Mojave

      Vladislav Tatarincev  22 November 2018 12:13:52
      Many users reported that after upgrade to OS X Mojave IBM Notes hangs, I also experienced such issue.
      IBM Has posted an official technote that issue lies in OS X and way how to fix it.

      If you have OS X users, make sure that have proper checkboxes set in Security settings

      IBM TDI/SDI tuning guide

      Vladislav Tatarincev  9 November 2018 11:29:30

      Many of us use TDI (Tivoli Directory integrator) or new name is IBM Security Directory integrator.
      On IBM Identity Management training where TDI (let me use old name) is also used, and we came across tuning of TDI.

      For large Connections environments tuning might be needed, great guide. Even from 2010, still a lot of valuable information.

        No more sales and Technical exams are required to sell IBM Domino

        Vladislav Tatarincev  19 October 2018 17:10:00

        Today IBM has updated IBM Messaging and Collaboration product group Certification requirements. No more Sales or Technical exams are required to sell IBM Domino.

        While the intention is quite clear, to extend number of seats, I am a bit sceptic that people without proper knowledge can understand Notes licensing and PVU calculations, or plan deployment.
        So far it is not clear if partners who have certificates will have advantage, lets wait for @IBM clarification.

        Domino is a Swiss knife for Enterprise, or Ferrari from Software point of view. Beautiful software, for beginners a bit complicated, with own ideology, but software that can do a lot of things.
        I think people need some knowledge to sell it, and loyal old partners of IBM should have benefit or advantage in selling software professionally.

        As IBM Instructor from 2004 and DUAL PCLP Certified in all releases from 5->8.5  I am thirsty to hear about Certification for Notes 10/Domino 10 as Administrator, Developer and Instructor.

        For Domino 9 I have created my own 6 days Training class, and seems with things that were added in Domino 10 course will grow to 7 days. If interested in Training, check page here.
        Image:No more sales and Technical exams are required to sell IBM Domino

          Domino 10 and Notes V10 will be available for Download soon

          Vladislav Tatarincev  9 October 2018 00:52:23
          IBM Just posted two technotes on how to download IBM Domino V10 and Notes v10.
          partnumbers are not yet available on Value Package, but will be available soon.
          Thank you IBM. Great product.

          Lets go and download it as soon as available. If you wish to secure IBM Domino with 2FA read my previous post. We plan special promotion for 2FA and Domino V10, it will be published later this week.

          2 Factor Authentication solution = Verified for Domino V10

          Vladislav Tatarincev  1 October 2018 09:39:26
          Our 2Factor Authentication solution for IBM Domino iNotes/Xpages/VerseOnPremise has passed verification for Domino V10.
          Installed and configured under 15 minutes, makes your environment secure.

          2FA is also requirement from GDPR, since it says "You should have additional security on top of login/password"

          More information on 2FA for IBM Domino is here.

          Image:2 Factor Authentication solution = Verified for Domino V10

            50% discount on IBM Security exams, Sales, Mastery and Technical

            Vladislav Tatarincev  29 June 2018 08:45:43

            IBM Has announced via their certification blog discount on Security exams.
            More information can be found here. Due to GDPR and growing threats Security is growing market, and IBM helps parters to get knowledge.

            Another great help from IBM is where you can get knowledge for free about different IBM products, starting from Identity Management to IBM i2.
            I use this resouce a lot, and find it very valuable.

            Stay tuned, and check you passwords and logs ;)

            Certification tests:  SECURITY50CERT
            Sales mastery tests:  SECURITY50SM
            Technical mastery tests:  SECURITY50TSM

              Notes/Domino Fix List and Status page now has Domino 10.0 Hurray!

              Vladislav Tatarincev  15 June 2018 17:58:58
              Checked link to find particular version release date and found that Domino 10 is now included in IBM Notes/Domino fix list.


              If interested you can sign up for beta code here.

              Image:Notes/Domino Fix List and Status page now has Domino 10.0 Hurray!