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Monitoring Domino Applications, Agents and inferfaces right way (Do it right)

Vladislav Tatarincev  3 July 2023 15:00:03
We all know that Domino applications run company business.
Our solution
https://www.cyone.eu/CYMON  can monitor Domino platform (Domino servers, performance, security, Traveler, HTTP and many more).

Out of the box
our solution can also monitor Domino applications, agents, interfaces.
In this short webinar we describe how to create a common view on health of important Domino applications.

Monitoring applications and servers with professional software, saves a lot of time for admins and developers. As well it makes apps more trusted and more available to business users. No need to jump over hundreds of Log files to check if it is ok.

Webinar is short, only 30 min, but I am sure it will help to build solid and trusted monitoring not only Domino but also Applications. There is also FREE version of Monitoring for Mail servers.

Monitoring HCL Domino Applications

Click here to watch Webinar recording:  

    spam score testing tool and tip how to increase your rating

    Vladislav Tatarincev  28 March 2023 15:03:07
    I was working in one environment which had average spam rating and many emails that this eligible company sent have not reached intended destination.
    Colleague of mine suggested my a site Mail-tester.com. idea is simple, you sent a mail and gives you score how to improve.

    long story short, after some time we improved from 6 to 10 from maximum 10 possible.
    Free version allow 4 mails per day which might be sufficient if you dont do too many changes per day.

    If you have bad score picture is different with some sharks... :)

    This tool shows report, why you get bad score. by antispam rules, images MUST have a ALT text.
    So lesson learned, if you have signatures and company logo, dont forget to add ALT text, this will improve your score.

    Image:spam score testing tool and tip how to increase your rating

    Image:spam score testing tool and tip how to increase your rating

      "Panic Invalid pool free chain" after upgrade to 12.0.1 or 12.0.1FP1 technote published

      Vladislav Tatarincev  24 May 2022 09:28:15
      As mentioned in previous post, HCL has published technote about 12.0.1 and 12.0.1

      HCL Domino server keeps crashing due to memory corruption with an error "Panic Invalid pool free chain" after upgrade to 12.0.1 or 12.0.1FP1

      Once the debug parameter debug_checkmarkers=1 is enabled on server, the server crashes with an error "PANIC: CheckMarkers: Memory following object has been destroyed" as soon as memory corruption is detected. While reviewing logs, The call stacks in NSD indicate a network buffer has been written past it's boundary.

      There's a change in HCL Domino v12, where we increased the network buffer size from a default of 4000 to 8000 as we noticed some network operations need additional memory. Increasing network buffer further from 8000 to 8100 by making below change in server's notes.ini file, the server stops crashing and gets stable.


      And adding below parameter too


        Network issue crash on DOmino 12.0.1FP1

        Vladislav Tatarincev  20 May 2022 13:51:36
        As you know, in Domino 12, network buffer is increased from 4000 to 8000 bytes. https://help.hcltechsw.com/domino/12.0.0/admin/wn_tcpipportbuffer.html
        Few of my large clients recently performed upgrade from 11.x to 12.0.1FP1 and we got crashes.

        Crashes were bad, because in one case both clustered server were down. To mitigate we changed Transactional Log style/type to Favour Recovery, so DOmino is up faster after crash.
        We opened case in Support and we got recommendation to set optional parameter for network larger than 8000.

        I am publishing call stack, in case you face same issue, you know what to do.  HCL will soon publish technote on this.

        and also add the line

         [ 1] 0x7FFCE7BA5D04 ntdll.ZwWaitForSingleObject+20 (970687300000010,0,0,1A9E3AD50)
         [ 2] 0x7FFCE4A94DAF KERNELBASE.WaitForSingleObjectEx+143 (10,FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF,7FFC00000000,5d50)
        @[ 3] 0x7FFCB903CC0A nnotes.OSRunExternalScript+1546 (5,0,2344,0)
        @[ 4] 0x7FFCB903929C nnotes.FRTerminateWindowsResources+1532 (5,0,0,1)
        @[ 5] 0x7FFCB903AC83 nnotes.OSFaultCleanupExt+1395 (0,3970,0,1A9E3C5B0)
        @[ 6] 0x7FFCB903A707 nnotes.OSFaultCleanup+23 (3970,0,0,7FFCBA0027B8)
        @[ 7] 0x7FFCB90A8FE6 nnotes.OSNTUnhandledExceptionFilter+390 (1A9E3C490,7FFCBA750A68,1A9E3C5B0,FFFFE896E134FC3)
        @[ 8] 0x7FFCB903D92A nnotes.Panic+1082 (1785906EEA0,22588290071B03F,fffe,1785906EEA0)
        @[ 9] 0x7FFCB9043FF3 nnotes.CheckMarkers+323 (1784081D6B8,178427CBA18,2e800003,0)
        @[10] 0x7FFCB906B297 nnotes.OSMemoryLock+135 (d080002,7FFCBBD20D60,1783B9E0018,2e800003)
        @[11] 0x7FFCB9B4490B nnotes.NetGetDataPtr2+27 (2e800003,7FFC2E800003,178427CBA18,2e800003)
        @[12] 0x7FFCBA5D348A nnotes.PortDriver_QueueIO+90 (178427CBA18,2e800003,0,0)
        @[13] 0x7FFCB9B4D56A nnotes.NetQueueIO+1386 (101d484,17800000000,1A9E3003D,178000020DC)
        @[14] 0x7FFCB4BAFBF2 nserverl.DbServer+2002 (1,97980027,1A9E30002,2e800003)
        @[15] 0x7FFCB4BCD0B6 nserverl.WorkThreadTask+1846 (1038,0,1A9E30000,1c4c021e)
        @[16] 0x7FFCB4B81C88 nserverl.Scheduler+888 (0,0,10380034,1783CC57C78)
        @[17] 0x7FFCB904F898 nnotes.ThreadWrapper+264 (0,0,0,0)
         [18] 0x7FFCE79884D4 KERNEL32.BaseThreadInitThunk+20 (0,0,0,0)
         [19] 0x7FFCE7B51791 ntdll.RtlUserThreadStart+33 (0,0,0,0

          Notes on Mac and some specific VPNs. Network_Resiliency=0

          Vladislav Tatarincev  1 April 2022 12:47:14

          While ago during 12.0 we faced issue that after upgrade to V12.0 Notes was able to work with our VPN server.
          Error message pointed to very low TCPIP level.

          and today my colleagues Stanislav Schvachko has found, that issue is finally resolved (actually 8 month ago, but only 70 as of today)
          Just enable Notes.ini parameter Network_Resiliency=0 , that will disable new V12 feature

          Network Resilence feature is v11 functionality, so upon timeout client is not frozen.

          Seems that in V12 this resilence feature was improved, but with some side effects.

          Here is a link to full technote.

          HCL Notes 12 on Mac cannot connect to the server over VPN

            Updated MAIL 12.0.1 Template to address some issues

            Vladislav Tatarincev  17 March 2022 12:34:33
            One of my customers noticed that when they join meeting, URL or Online meeting is LowerCased. as result also password is lowercased and people fail to join.

            I opened ticked and very fast HCL did changes to template https://support.hcltechsw.com/csm?id=kb_article&sysparm_article=KB0097354
            The following Technotes/SPRs are addressed

            SPR # SVAIC44HYC >>  When a user replies or forwards a message, the 'message replied/forward to' arrow is not displayed in the view/folder column.
            SPR # SAHNCAUBHJ >> When a user creates a new meeting with Webex, the user sees a second meeting entry in the Notes calendar. This happens when the user's Webex user name/mail address is the same as that of Notes.
            SPR # SANECAUH5J >>  Notes rescheduled meetings do not reflect in Webex or Zoom meeting on DOMI.
            SPR # JPKRC5KT3Y >> "Error loading USE or USELSX module: domiListsCollectionsError" when opening new mail12.ntf with older client.
            SPR # ASATC48JKC >> In Notes V12 mail template, hotspot 'Join' beside the location launches the URL link in lowercase. URL parameter, which contains for example the meeting id, are case sensitive, resulting to a meeting that could not be joined.

              Reading MTDATA.nsf (Message Tracking) and generating your own reports

              Vladislav Tatarincev  13 October 2020 08:22:10
              I did Domino Administration training last week and did it online/remotelly which was new experience for me.
              Course name is Domino ADVANCED training, so students learn real life stuff, and not only basic, but also Advanced things like Verse on Prem, Clusters, Traveler, V10/v11 Upgrade, Performance Tuning.
              Www.cyone.eu/Training explains it in more details.

              When we worked with Message Tracking , and one students asked if he can create custom reports. I do remember that IBM Technote existed that described how to access mtdata.nsf with LotusScript.
              I was unable to find this technote, since IBM removed this from knowledge base. I opened case with HCL and they pointed me to right article in Domino Wiki.


              To avoid performance issues , I do suggest to archive MTDATA.nsf, and in script depending on search range access only one database, or/and archive.
              Hope it helps.

              Join https://en.RNUG.ru online conference for more tips , latest roadmaps, workshops.


                Russian Notes User Group online conference (content in English and Russian) 9-16 October 2020

                Vladislav Tatarincev  22 September 2020 13:19:26
                Russian Notes user conference will be online event, sessions will be in English and Russian
                We will have fantastic sessions from HCL, panagenda, YTRIA, TeamWorkR, CYONE and other business partners.

                Event participation is free, if you want to be a speaker call for abstracts is open until Friday evening, sponsors - great opportunity to present your solution or service.

                Https://en.RNUG.RU/  From Russia with Love.