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Integrity check failed for ID Vault O=VAULT: No certifiers that trust vault /VAULT trust any password resetters: Invalid or nonexistent document

Vladislav Tatarincev  10 October 2009 17:23:57
Recently I Deployed ID Vault in one organization, after some time DDM started to report error I was unable to find in support.
I Checked ID Vault it was working fine, I was able to restore password,and users uploaded their ID files to the Vault.

I was able to solve this problem, by modifying ID Vault and Adding Password reseters to ALL Organization Units.
This Company uses OU certificates, so adding Password reset authority to main only, can cause this error, just modify ID VAULT, and use "Add to ALL" button. :)

Hope this would help some one. :)


Event Severity: Failure
Event Type: Network
Event Time: 10/06/2009 01:25:49 PM

Lotus Entries
Probable Cause:

1. This message could appear for several reasons: 1. The PC Based
Service has not been set up. 2. The Notes server name does not match the
item part of the StreetTalk PC Based Service Name. 3. The PC Based Service
Name does not reside in [email protected] of the Banyan username logged in at the
Notes server. 4. The Banyan server where the PC based service resides is

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