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    Invitation to Open Mic call on Notes Client install kit customization June 24th

    Vladislavs Tatarincevs  18 June 2009 09:19:50
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    Invitation to Open Mic call on Notes Client install kit customization June 24th
    Lotus Technical Support
    18.06.2009 07:06
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    The IBM Open Mic calls are intended to provide you the opportunity to interact directly with the IBM Lab developing IBM software products, On June 24th 2009, at 10 am eastern US time, the Notes & Domino team will host an Open Mic call on Customizing the Lotus Notes Install Kit.

    For details about the Open Mic call, please see the document Open Mic: Customizing the Lotus Notes install kit - June 24, 2009
    If this link is not active, paste this URL into your browser (http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?rs=899&uid=swg21390813).

    You can submit your question in advance via our forum, "Notes Client - Customizing the Notes Install Kit". During this Open Mic session, we will answer questions about modifying components in the install kit, typically to reduce the footprint before pushing out the client. Questions should be of general interest and by their nature help you install, configure, manage or optimize your software. We will collect questions, which have been posted to the forum and address.as many as possible on the call. We will also take questions on the call, which have not been submitted in advance.

    For this upcoming call, you may find it beneficial to review in advance the following materials:
    Basic Lotus Notes Client Configuration preferences
    Customizing the Eclipse install kit to add or remove Eclipse features
    Customizing the Notes install manifest for supplied Eclipse features
    Adding or removing installed Notes features within a release

    Register and RSVP on-line to receive call-in details:

    1. Click this direct link
    2. Provide your name and email address
    3. Click Proceed.

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