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Mobile Web Admin (updated version) (DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE)

Vladislavs Tatarincevs  18 August 2008 18:53:38

This weenend I have made a new version of Mobile Web Admin,
Thank you people who provided a feedback on features of Mobile Web Admin, this realy help to understand what people need ,and what features are need to be optional.

Changes in this version of MobileWEBAdmin:
1. Filename is no longer hard coded, you can place it anywhere, under any name.
2. Profile is added, you can add additional statistics
2.1 under profile you can add a CSS file. (on default comes with a template which makes WEB admin look nice.
3. If you with it to be soper lite, you can change all the images, for example you dont want default Domino Refresh Icon, Image:Mobile Web Admin (updated version) (DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE)
You can replace it with any text.
or instead of Domino !    icon, which is 139 bytes or something, you can type your own HTML code, like < FONT COLOR = " red " > < B > ! < / B > < / FONT >  
4. Now you can restart tasks, this limitation is removed now.
5. Basic error handing is added.

Image:Mobile Web Admin (updated version) (DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE)


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1Keith Brooks  18.08.2008 17:20:07  Mobile Web Admin (updated version) (DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE)

can't wait to try this out, liked the original version

2Vladislav Tatarincev  19.08.2008 16:50:54  Mobile Web Admin (updated version) (DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE)

Thanks, Keith,

It is a pleasure to hear every time, that people like this software.



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