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    Network issue crash on DOmino 12.0.1FP1

    Vladislav Tatarincev  20 May 2022 13:51:36
    As you know, in Domino 12, network buffer is increased from 4000 to 8000 bytes. https://help.hcltechsw.com/domino/12.0.0/admin/wn_tcpipportbuffer.html
    Few of my large clients recently performed upgrade from 11.x to 12.0.1FP1 and we got crashes.

    Crashes were bad, because in one case both clustered server were down. To mitigate we changed Transactional Log style/type to Favour Recovery, so DOmino is up faster after crash.
    We opened case in Support and we got recommendation to set optional parameter for network larger than 8000.

    I am publishing call stack, in case you face same issue, you know what to do.  HCL will soon publish technote on this.

    and also add the line

     [ 1] 0x7FFCE7BA5D04 ntdll.ZwWaitForSingleObject+20 (970687300000010,0,0,1A9E3AD50)
     [ 2] 0x7FFCE4A94DAF KERNELBASE.WaitForSingleObjectEx+143 (10,FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF,7FFC00000000,5d50)
    @[ 3] 0x7FFCB903CC0A nnotes.OSRunExternalScript+1546 (5,0,2344,0)
    @[ 4] 0x7FFCB903929C nnotes.FRTerminateWindowsResources+1532 (5,0,0,1)
    @[ 5] 0x7FFCB903AC83 nnotes.OSFaultCleanupExt+1395 (0,3970,0,1A9E3C5B0)
    @[ 6] 0x7FFCB903A707 nnotes.OSFaultCleanup+23 (3970,0,0,7FFCBA0027B8)
    @[ 7] 0x7FFCB90A8FE6 nnotes.OSNTUnhandledExceptionFilter+390 (1A9E3C490,7FFCBA750A68,1A9E3C5B0,FFFFE896E134FC3)
    @[ 8] 0x7FFCB903D92A nnotes.Panic+1082 (1785906EEA0,22588290071B03F,fffe,1785906EEA0)
    @[ 9] 0x7FFCB9043FF3 nnotes.CheckMarkers+323 (1784081D6B8,178427CBA18,2e800003,0)
    @[10] 0x7FFCB906B297 nnotes.OSMemoryLock+135 (d080002,7FFCBBD20D60,1783B9E0018,2e800003)
    @[11] 0x7FFCB9B4490B nnotes.NetGetDataPtr2+27 (2e800003,7FFC2E800003,178427CBA18,2e800003)
    @[12] 0x7FFCBA5D348A nnotes.PortDriver_QueueIO+90 (178427CBA18,2e800003,0,0)
    @[13] 0x7FFCB9B4D56A nnotes.NetQueueIO+1386 (101d484,17800000000,1A9E3003D,178000020DC)
    @[14] 0x7FFCB4BAFBF2 nserverl.DbServer+2002 (1,97980027,1A9E30002,2e800003)
    @[15] 0x7FFCB4BCD0B6 nserverl.WorkThreadTask+1846 (1038,0,1A9E30000,1c4c021e)
    @[16] 0x7FFCB4B81C88 nserverl.Scheduler+888 (0,0,10380034,1783CC57C78)
    @[17] 0x7FFCB904F898 nnotes.ThreadWrapper+264 (0,0,0,0)
     [18] 0x7FFCE79884D4 KERNEL32.BaseThreadInitThunk+20 (0,0,0,0)
     [19] 0x7FFCE7B51791 ntdll.RtlUserThreadStart+33 (0,0,0,0

    1Jesper Kiaer  20/05/2022 15:01:37  Network issue crash on DOmino 12.0.1FP1

    12320.. no encryption on connection?

    2Vladislav  23/05/2022 11:30:19  Network issue crash on DOmino 12.0.1FP1

    only Traffic compression was turned on. no encryption.