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    New Spell check engine in 8.5.1 - LanguageWare

    Vladislavs Tatarincevs  17 August 2009 18:12:56
    Ed Brills updated Lotus Notes Strategy shows some new features that are comming in Release 8.5.1.
    one of the it is LanguageWare spell check engine.

    Right now it is actual for some "small" countries for which IBM has not yet created .dic dictionary file.
    For Latvia, it is actual, as many people don't need to buy rather expensive software to have just a basic spell check in Lotus Notes.

    Great news!!! :) Excited about that and all new features that are comings in 8.5.1.

    Also Designer performance is also important. :)))
    Great Work Lotus.


    Image:New Spell check engine in 8.5.1 - LanguageWareImage:New Spell check engine in 8.5.1 - LanguageWare

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