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    New version of Lotus Notes Diagnostic tool avalailable ver.2.8

    Vladislavs Tatarincevs  30 June 2009 17:23:17
    A new version of NSD analyzer is available, it allows you to investigate NSD crashes, as well to restore server documents and config documents from DXL files.

    IBM technotes is here

    the tool can be downloaded from here


    1JYR  30.06.2009 18:46:40  New version of Lotus Notes Diagnostic tool avalailable ver.2.8

    Thanks for the post, I will update those links :-)

    { Link }


    2Vlaad  30.06.2009 23:52:31  New version of Lotus Notes Diagnostic tool avalailable ver.2.8

    New Things in 2.8

    Lotus Notes Diagnostic 2.8

    - Improved: Highlights available for NSD filtering

    - Improved: Faster parsing

    - Improved: Faster nsd info parsing with semdebug

    - Improved: Support annotation for new trapleak output format

    - Improved: Open database list for a PMR

    - Improved: Functions demangling on Windows NSD

    - Improved: Documents are created as response if adc database is processed more than once

    - Improved: Server and config DXL conversion compatible with Domino 8.x

    - Improved: Highlights include incompatible NSD version warning

    - Improved: Visual hint on memory dumps block analysis usage

    - Improved: Simplified installer & installation fixes

    - Improved: Added support for search engine not available

    - Improved: Search efficiency on some Win32 NSD

    - Other fixes for known issues

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