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    Nokia Ovi Store if too far from Apple Store

    Vladislavs Tatarincevs  26 August 2009 12:02:23
    Nokia has launched some time ago, their analog of Apple store. Or it is supposed to be competitor of Apple Store.

    If we compare number of application provided in Apple Store and in Ovi Store, Apple store provides richer choice of applications.
    Majority of applications in Apple store are rather cheap, like 0.99USD, in Ovi store they are rather expensive. Screensavers are 3.0EUR,

    Nokia is loosing market because of the iPhone, so they should make some stimulus to use Nokia phones and also people to develop applications on Symbian platform.

    I am considering switch my Nokia E71 to iPhone. I wish it would have Blackberry Qwerty keyboard. it will be ideal phone. :)

    Image:Nokia Ovi Store if too far from Apple Store
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