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Notes.ini for accessing Archives on clustered VOP (verse on Prem)

Vladislav Tatarincev  21 October 2019 12:57:08
New version of Verse On prem 1.0.8.a supports archives and Fix to 1.0.8a version support all type of archives, created manually and by policy.
If you have load balancer or clustered VOP, you might be interested in old Notes.ini parameters, to access archives by same URL as you access VOP.  


If you have webMail.ACME.COM and your Archives are located on Server1.acme.com or Server2.Acme.COM (and these hosts are not even published to internet) without this parameter trying to access archive will give you an error.

With this parameter, VOP will try access Archives also on webmail.acme.com (sharing this on behalf of my colleague Alexander Korolkov).

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