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    Transend Migrator available for free if you Deploy IBM DOmino/Verse

    Vladislav Tatarincev  2 October 2017 11:50:50
    While ago I blogged that if You migrate to IBM Cloud, IBM gives for free migration utility Transend Migrator which is best in class migration utility.
    Since we deploy more onPrem installations than Cloud, I asked Transend People if they can speak with IBM to extend this to also onPrem IBM Domino/Verse deployments.

    I was surprised to know that recently this was extended. So Great news are, If you deploy IBM Verse, you can request free Transend migration utility from IBM.
    You should fill a form, http://ibm.biz/tmrequest. IBM will verify that you have purchased Verse/Notes licences, and you will have Transend Migrator to migrate mail from old outfashion systems like Microsoft Exchange to beautiful IBM Verse.

    I should mention that form http://ibm.biz/tmrequest is cloud oriented, It does not cover onPrem licences, but I was able to fill proper values, I also asked IBM to adjust form for opPrem clients. Hope this will be done soon.
    Hurray, now if Clients will deploy IBM solutions onPrem or in Cloud we have great tools to migrate Mail, Calendar, ToDo Contacts.
    Thank you IBM
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