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Unread Mark synchronization

Vladislavs Tatarincevs  4 April 2008 19:15:20
Sometimes users are complaining that their replicas UNREAD MARKS are out of synch.
As you know, in 5.x unread marks where stored in workspace file, starting from release 6.x, Unread Marks architecture was completely rebuild, and now their are stored in Notes Database.

Some users are complaing that from time to time, their replicas UNREAD marks become out of synch, I advise them to use Paul's Mooney  tip, which I heard from Paul on Lotusphere.
This tip is in Pauls presentation, but as I faced this problem many times, I decided to write it once again. :)

To synchronize Unread Marks, you need to UNSTACK REPLICA ICONS.  
Press CTRL+SHIFT, select databases that you want to synchronize, then

EDIT-> Unread Marks->Exchange Unread Marks.
Image:Unread Mark synchronization

This Option is a hidden option, and it is available only when DATABASE properties REPLICATE UNREAD MARKS is SET to NEVER.

If DB is in Cluster, and you selected ALL SERVERS or CLUSTERED SERVERS ONLY.

Once again, thanks to Paul Mooney for this fantastic TIP. http://pmooney.net/

Image:Unread Mark synchronization
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