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    Upgrading .box and Templates to new version of ODS

    Vladislav Tatarincev  24 April 2018 12:49:50
    When you work with Domino databases, old ODS versions should warn you. Normally all databases on servers must be on latest ODS version.
    We all know that Create_R5_Databases=1 must be enabled and after that "Compact -c" should be fired. When You do Upgrade, then some system databases should be compacted offline, with server turned off, just by running compact command.

    Compact -c unfortunately will skip templates.

    We have a tool, that periodically scans all databases, all ACLs, all agents, and not only does inventory, but also calculates penalty poinst for every databases, and later brings these results to Monitoring.
    If developer creates a  ACL , where anonymous is too high, Monitoring will bring alert.
    FullText index Immediate on Large DB, or not enabled DAOS will give some penalty points to db.
    As result  you can find most problematic databases, and fix it, rerun a report and then see that server feels better now. I will blog more about monitoring later this month.

    To bring all templates on latest ODS, you can run "Load compact -c -*"
    This is documented in http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21084388
    Official Explanation from IBM, that storing in old ODS saves some space for templates, but for me 50 templates and  2-3MB saving per template is not so important. I better be sure that all my databases are on last ODS, and as soon as somebody puts database in old ODS

    ODS 52 (Latest one) is almost twice faster, then 43 ODS. Even if db is very small, on IBM Notes clients, Upgraded ODS will give you faster Notes client.

    Image:Upgrading .box and Templates to new version of ODS

    Image:Upgrading .box and Templates to new version of ODS 
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