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Lotus Symphony 1.3 available. Using Lotus Symphony for 6 month in a row

Vladislavs Tatarincevs  18 June 2009 10:22:46
I have bought a Lenovo T400 notebook last year, It has preinstalled Microsoft Vista, I installed Lotus Symphony to work with office documents.
During first month I have a need to install MS Office, as Symphony was a little bit different.
But now, 6 month have passed, I still have only Symphony on my PC, it works fine, I can do what I need.

It would be nice to have Track Change Feature and a little bit better compatibility with MS Office, then I think much more people will use this product.
anyway, it is good as it is now :)

Symphony 1.3 version is available today for Download, it has many improvements.

Many companies are cutting their budgets and for them moving from MS Office to Lotus Symphony is a chance to save money.
At least not for layers who work with contracts and documentation, but for people who need just to read some documentation and sometimes to write documents.

It would be nice to have also something like Microsoft Project and MS Visio analogue.

Ok, I am downloading Symphony 1.3 version now, here is a list of new features.

1Osjka  18.06.2009 17:14:28  Lotus Symphony 1.3 available. Using Lotus Symphony for 6 month in a row

You may try to use Dia as Visio alternative :) { Link }

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