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very good notes.ini analyzer

Vladislav Tatarincev  1 December 2009 15:57:37
Thanks to Mikkel Flindt, he has put a link in his blog to very good resource, notes.ini analyzer.
It allows to debug notes.ini in more efficient way,
Image:very good notes.ini analyzer
notes.ini is parsed and description to all notes.ini is put from notes.ini reference database. :)
Cool tool for admins!  All parameters are spit into logical sections.

Image:very good notes.ini analyzer

1Bernd Webster  02/12/2009 0:57:13  very good notes.ini analyzer

Hello Vlad,

nice to see that you like it ;-). If you have some Feature Request/Bug Reports we would like to hear it ;-)



2Dana B.  10/11/2011 21:05:33  It’s no longer there....

The link results in a 404

3Ricardo  12/12/2011 14:49:20  very good notes.ini analyzer

The link is broken.

4Klaus Buskohl  01/02/2024 13:35:06  very good notes.ini analyzer

Hi, can't find download.