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Citrix NetScaler for Lotus Traveler HA Balancing or iNotes

Vladislav Tatarincev  18 February 2013 16:23:34
One one my colleagues recently tested Citrix Netscaler to balance Lotus iNotes(WEB ACCESS) and Lotus Traveler HA servers with Citrix Netscaler virtual Appliance.
It works well, many different algorithms for balancing (not only regular ROUND ROBIN, but also more sophisticated, which I think more prefered for Lotus, like if connected to one server, you continue to work with it all the time).

Good thing in a small environments, you can use Free Version of Citrix NetScaler VPX (VPX - Virtual appliance).
Free version is limited in bandwith, but it if free, and you can upgrade at any time to commercial.

in Lotus world, Citrix NetScaler can be use to speed up HTTP traffic, iNotes Traffic, Balance iNotes servers, and also Traveler HA servers.
We made also some test to compress Lotus Notes traffic, and got awesome results, like 10x times faster connection, but this is story for another blog post.

Image:Citrix NetScaler for Lotus Traveler HA Balancing or iNotes