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Lotus Traveler security (Server Document)

Vladislavs Tatarincevs  20 January 2009 11:44:56

After installing Lotus Traveler 8.5, I noticed that it has ... I would like to say separate security options for Traveler Access.

Traveler tab  has a section Lotus Traveler Access,

Image:Lotus Traveler security (Server Document)

Don't know why it is splitted and Traveler does not use the same section as Server Document->Security Tab->Server Access

May be some one has ideas why, but why I am writing this post, because, if you want to prevent your ex-workers from accessing your corporate mail,
don't forget to implement DENY group also in Traveler section.

I hope this post will make someone's server more secure :)

Image:Lotus Traveler security (Server Document)