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    Reading MTDATA.nsf (Message Tracking) and generating your own reports

    Vladislav Tatarincev  13 October 2020 08:22:10
    I did Domino Administration training last week and did it online/remotelly which was new experience for me.
    Course name is Domino ADVANCED training, so students learn real life stuff, and not only basic, but also Advanced things like Verse on Prem, Clusters, Traveler, V10/v11 Upgrade, Performance Tuning.
    Www.cyone.eu/Training explains it in more details.

    When we worked with Message Tracking , and one students asked if he can create custom reports. I do remember that IBM Technote existed that described how to access mtdata.nsf with LotusScript.
    I was unable to find this technote, since IBM removed this from knowledge base. I opened case with HCL and they pointed me to right article in Domino Wiki.


    To avoid performance issues , I do suggest to archive MTDATA.nsf, and in script depending on search range access only one database, or/and archive.
    Hope it helps.

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