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Unexpected Desktop policy push after 8.5 upgrade

Vladislavs Tatarincevs  1 July 2009 11:45:53
some time ago, I have posted info, that unexpected Desktop policy push can happen even in 8.5,

IBM technote was just updated, and additional information will soon be published.

It was found that this could also happen, if policy is modified with OLDER clients, than 8.5, so if you plan upgading your environment to Domino 8.5,
in testing phase, try to play with policy, reSave it, see how will it impact LN 6.5, LN 7.x, clients, in case you have problems the workaround will be RECREATE policy setting document from the scratch, (at least it worked for me)
and be sure, that all admins has new admin clients, so there is no 7.x, 6.5.x clients.

Good luck.